Being flexible as a call center is the norm now, if one has to be successful. Call centers normally do experience revolutions within them. Starting from the technology together with the behaviour of the people that constantly changes.

So here goes …

1) The Future

This graph shows the possibilities of events in the future when it comes to call centres. Phones and the touch of humans were more apparent.The graph shows that more people are in possession of smart phones now (80% of adults, up from 35% in 2012), reflecting on the user friendly platforms of applications now. This graph still shows that humans are needed for the technology to function.

The Contact Center of the Future

2) Aims of call centers for 2014

It is remarkable to see the main points that executives have set as their main aims for the year 2014. The majority (78%) said their primary objective was focusing on customer satisfaction. This is quite a general goal since we are all part of it. It’s interesting to point out that 66% of call centers were focused on providing an efficient customer service.

Top Call Center Priorities in 2014

3) Large data to improve operations

Data grows every day in numbers. This graph shows how important data is when it comes to using it. For example, 93% of call centers use the data for training purposes of their staff, and 76% use it to advance agent classroom training.

Using Big Data to Improve Contact Center Operations