Medical Receptionist

Provide your callers the efficiency and experience of communicating with a shared health receptionist. Patients have many choices for upkeep. They handpick health plans, medics, and hospitals based on many factors – not only medical expertise. Health care establishments want to send caring, empathy, and good listening skills when cooperating with visitors. Attentive medical receptionists rise patient satisfaction and can enhance holding, a critical financial component for both non-profit and for-profit processes alike.

NoVoiceMail Team Medical works as your health administrator, providing top-notch sustenance and issue resolution for members and patients.


Team Medical’s comprehensive Medical Receptionist services include:

  • Quick Medical Answering Services, Screening, and Messaging:

Patients and members conduct a trained medical receptionist, not via voicemail or a complicated phone tree. We offer daily excellence assurance selection of messages for precision as well as receipt when we don’t reach a live person. Serving your clients is what we really do best.

  • Immediate Call Processing, Transfer, or Dispatching:

Many calls shouldn’t be diverted to voicemail. We’re online  and available 24/7/365 to transfer calls or relay messages. On-call contacts can be changed as often as necessary per your schedule.

  • Call Overflow:

Relax easy knowing that cooperative, healthcare trained medical receptionists are present to answer enduring and member calls. Whether it’s a morning rush, lunchtime, or an afternoon crunch, we reply promptly and handle calls according to your standards.

More than just a message.

We can reply to questions about aptness, benefits, and arrangement. New activities, changes, or cancellations are immediately dispatched to your team or inputted openly into your online calendar. Health plan members can acquire doctor or specialist information. Our team is well prepared to manage potential patients responding to marketing inquiries, such as health plan member campaigns or pharmaceutical ads.

We practice kindness as well as competence.

Caring, helpful people and state-of-the-art skill support your operation. We have a heart isn’t an impediment to productive, consistent service. We deliver both devoted and shared staffing solutions. NoVoicemail’s turnover is one of the least in the industry since we care for and care our employees. Often, clients work with the same team members year after year.

NoVoiceMail is in the business of delivering superior medical interaction center services with compassion and proficiency. Boost satisfaction and retention by offering your clients the first class service they deserve. Contact Novoicemail at 1-800-525-1315 to learn more.


Call NoVoiceMail at 1 (844)-399-9880 or register for a free demo today to ensure your clients are greeted by capable, responsive professionals 24/7/365.

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