Medical Offices

Managing a busy medical practice implies providing first class care as well as nursing the bottom line. NoVoicemail does everything with you to improve patient service, increase productivity, and decrease costs through our wide-ranging health contact center services maintained by Team Medical Associates who are an essential part of our unique team approach.

Important contact center services for Medical Practices:

  • Doctor Paging & Message Relay.

Call transmission, basic information relay, and urgent call transfer are services we achieve for doctors offices around the clock.

  • Medical Call Services:

Accelerate your office handset calls to Team Medical whenever you’d like. We reply to present phone number when you’re remarkably busy, not accessible, or all of the time. Friendly, competent Team Medical Associates guarantee that your patients reach a live person 24/7/365.

  • Vital Call Transfer Services:

We can’t be replaced for 911 and medical crises should turn to emergency services first. However, for non-emergency urgent calls these are moved from Team Medical to your on-call staff. During account development, you choose what establishes an urgent call. Contacts can modify daily as your on-call schedule changes.

  • Employment Management:

Our team achieves your office calendar: setting, adjusting, settling and withdrawing appointments. We can make variations directly in your web-based scheduling system – so alterations are immediately reflected.

Your patients shall get top notch care in and out of your office.

Each of our supportive, competent Team Medical support acquaintances must have completed HIPPA specific training, so you are assured that your patient’s discretion is being controlled with knowledge and care. Our in-house employing, appointment, and exercise processes are engrossed on conveying skilled specialists with medical related experience to work on your behalf. We specifically screen potential employees for an interest or background in healthcare.

Decrease costs and improve efficiency by retaining a medical-focused answering service.

When you have many patients, let us lever incoming telephone calls so you can emphasis on providing the best in-office patient experience possible. Team Medical’s shared staffing is always less expensive than adding another employee – and we’re here 24/7 to reply as many calls as you receive.

Why NoVoicemail Team Medical?

  • Medical trained and focused acquaintances versus other one-size-fits-all contact center services
  • Improve patient service through utilizing friendly, knowledgeable agents available 24/7/365
  • Increase your productivity by engaging around-the-clock shared service provider for your arriving calls



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