You’re in the business of providing top quality care. We’re in the business of providing very effective answering services at competitive rates for hospitals and other health organizations.

NoVoiceMail helps hospitals reduce operational expenses while maintaining responsive high quality client care.

Typical answering services for hospitals include:

  • Call Services:

    Calls can be directed to us at any time of the day or night. We provide overflow, after hours, and primary telephone services for health organizations using your existing telephone number or one we can assign to you.

  • Urgent Call Transfer Services:

    Urgent calls are directly transferred to you and your on-call team. You choose the protocols that specify which calls are urgent and which are routine. These contacts can be modified as often as your on-call schedule changes.

  • Physician/Specialist Referral:

    Your patients need a general physician or specialist. We direct them to the doctor they need.

  • Appointment Management:

    Patients and health professionals make or change appointments via telephone service staffed by Team Medical. Our Associates will immediately notify you of changes or input them directly into your calendar system. We also call patients to confirm appointments.

  • Doctor Paging and Message Relay:

    NoVoiceMail promptly answers incoming calls and then pages doctors according to your directions. We can also relay messages 24/7/365. On-call contacts and paging instructions can be changed as often as you’d like.

Helpful, informed Associates provide outstanding care.

Our Team Medical Associates are educated about HIPAA, your organization, your rules, and your protocols. We search for employees with interest or experience in the healthcare field. Our rigorous screening and hiring process ensures that only truly committed, enthusiastic people work on your behalf.

Contain and reduce costs with utilizing an outsourced contact center service.

When you choose Team Medical’s shared staffing solution, you pay for time spent working with your doctors, patients, and vendors instead of idle time. This efficiency alone greatly reduces costs as compared to staffing an internal 24×7 phone bank. We are able to handle call spikes with ease, scaling up or down depending on your needs.

Why NoVoiceMail Team Medical?
  • HIPAA trained associates answering calls versus one-size-fits-all call center services
  • Enhance patient and customer care with friendly, helpful associates fielding calls 24/7/365
  • Reduce and contain operational costs by employing an outsourced contact center solution



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