Dental Offices has a proficient group that pitches calls day by day from dental experts, orthodontists, and dental work places. Group Medical is exactly prepared to grasp dental calls from livelihood scratch-offs passed on to the workplace, to dental dangers obliging moment heightening and paging. We field inbound phone calls, messages, and web talks 24 hours every day, 7 days every week, 365 days every year for dental work places across the country. Dental specialists and oral specialists settle for our splendid therapeutic contact administrations since we fulfill patients, expand their skill, lower authoritative costs, and increase new dependable clients for your practice.

Dental offices choose Team Medical for:

  • New Patient – Call Management:

At whatever point you require us to take your approaching calls, forward your present office phone number to Team Medical and we’ll do the remaining. We answer to calls rapidly in the interest of your dental work places and distribute live insights that demonstrate our guarantee to uncertain administration and your patient experience.

  • Dental Crises & Urgent Call Transfer.

Dental catastrophes consistently happen in the focal of the night or on weekends – times when you may be unattainable. You pick how we ought to grasp these essential calls. We’re fit for raising customers where you’d like, passing on calls, or paging an at the boss’ beck and call staff part.

Picking Scheduling:

Patients need to timetable, alter, or stop arrangements amid all hours. Group Medical answers got calls and afterward inputs changes into an assortment of electronic timetable frameworks chose by our dental customers. These modifications reason to give your patient a bound together call experience and client administration when your office is darted, short-staffed, or off for the day.


We help make dental business locales sparkle

With experience as dental beneficiaries, Team Medical means to be thoughtful, decently composed, and refined for your patient calls. Comprehension is a key quality we screen for when figuring out who ought to connection our group. Capability accompanies instructing these Business Support Associates on key medicinal phrasing and HIPAA. We find that patients – especially those in torment – admire our winning mix of characteristics and abilities

Lessen expenses and raise profit by contracting out.

In its place of paying a full time assistant day in and day out, our regular administration model conveys a pay-for-administration arrangement that turns the needs of dental business locales. Our regular staffing readiness equivalents lower costs for your methodology in light of the fact that you’re paying for time expended chipping away at your benefit. Your forward-confronting office group is then skilled to give 100% of their time to the patients before them and the matter of running an occupied office


Why should Dental Offices select

Prepared, restorative receptionists versus an one-size fits all voice-mail

Hold patients fulfilled and content with every minute of every day/365 accessibility

Expansion staff profit

Decrease cash used on regulatory capacities

Hold existing patients with an average voice to answer their calls.

Pick up new patients using twilight for a dental supplier.


Call NoVoiceMail at 1 (844)-399-9880 or register for a free demo today to ensure your clients are greeted by capable, responsive professionals 24/7/365.

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