Select your Appropriate Plan

Select your plan according to the number of minutes you need to be successful. Simply pay one monthly price and you will use the minutes on services like the live answering, email response, and many more great awesome services.


    • The cost is determined from the minutes that will be spent talking to your clients. Usually we will be able to tell you that before hand.
    • You are free to use the minutes across all platforms,  for the incoming calls of today or tomorrow. You are the one who decides how and what.
    • We do not offer long term dedications; we are not in need of long-term contracts since we believe that customer satisfactions is the ultimate means to keep your business.

Instructions provided to manage your account

The scripts and the information pages are the rules we use to answer your inbound calls. Beginning from the first words to the last, we want to ensure that we’re communicating in a way that is consistent with the company’s culture and label.


  • Reply to the phrase that is used in your company name.



Guidelines on how to take messages, transfer call and also divert unique cases.



  • Messages are always delivered based on the specifications through the phone, fax or email. It is also available online through the client access.



Begin receiving Calls:

Your calls will be delivered to the team which is perfect to the requirements in your account.


  • We allocate to your account a special phone number .We have a call management software that will recognize each time it is rang to give special account details
    • Just send to us the available telephone number to us .You can send it on certain times of the day,days of the week, when some of your lines are busy, or we can also answer all the time. It is you to decide.
    • Forward your existing telephone number to us. You can forward during specific times of day, days of week, when your other lines are busy, or we can answer all the time. You decide.

Call NoVoiceMail at 1-(844) 399-9880 or register for a free walk through  today to ensure your clients experience the  capable, responsive professionals 24/7/365.