Group Relay


Vital associations made, not misused


Smooth call fixing is discriminating to numerous sorts of organizations. That is the reason Novoicemail has an aptitudes based (Team Relay) particularly tasked with noting and fixing calls 24 hours for every day, 7 days for every week, 365 days for every year for clients who regularly oblige these administrations.

You choose what happens next.


Group Relay answers each one bring in your organization’s name as per your directions. When we set up your record, our group composes a remarkable call administration arrangement including particular leads on how and when to exchange calls, dispatch faculty, and page colleagues. The pleasure is all mine to roll out improvements as frequently as required including evolving at the boss’ beck and call contact data. Our inventive element scripting motor empowers you to make numerous scripts rapidly with the goal that Team Relay can flawlessly amplify your brand in your words with each one call.


Unpredictability is our quality.


Novoicemail’s group exceeds expectations at putting your complex call taking care of arrangement vigorously. Novoicemail employs equipped, neighborly experts and after that backings them with focused payment, progressing preparing, and forefront devices. Since we put resources into our kin, Novoicemail’s turnover rate is one of the least in our industry. Your business procures the prizes of our experience.


Group Relay particularly oversees:


Hot exchanges: Team Relay answers and afterward stays at stake with your guest until your colleague is arrived at. We don’t hang up until we have effectively associated your client to your contact.


Warm exchanges: We answer the call, ask guests to hold, contact your accessible by the boss staff, and after that exchange the call once we talk with the fitting individual.


Icy exchanges: We answer and afterward quickly exchange the call. In these examples, guests might at last achieve a live individual or voice message.


Message Relay: We interpret messages and afterward transfer them to your group by means of phone.


Work force Dispatch: We dispatch your staff focused around your guidelines.


Paging: Team Relay pages your work force when you point out its vital.


Quality is how the money adds up.


Every week, we distribute live call insights that expressly exhibit how rapidly we reply. Our far reaching, every day quality confirmation testing is yet an alternate way that we keep up and enhance our administrations too mentor workers.


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