Highly trained Desk Operators do play the role of the “call traffic controllers” 24 hours per day, seven days per week, to better ensure that our Business Support Associates are getting the customers calls without any delay at any time.

The same as the traffic controller, our Desk Operators ensure that we have an efficient team the whole time there to be porductive, 24/7/365:

  • Service Level Monitoring

    Our aim is to answer the majority of the calls within four rings. Real time is monitored through our operations desk, in addition to 30 minute summary reporting, and custom alerts for the Service Level (SL) aim.

  • Inbound Call Traffic

    The Operations Desk oversees our real time inbound call traffic. They are trained to monitor this traffic for Average Speed to Answer (ASA), number of calls entered, number of calls abandoned, number of calls in queue, oldest call in queue, with a focus on answering quickly to exceed our SL goals.

  • Average Speed to Answer

    For us–and for you–Average Speed to Answer, also known as ASAs are of the have most of the importance. We aim to answer live your inbound callers, and to succeed, we are aware of the speed of answering. Our Operations Desk focuses on ASA times, and if we are not maintaining through SL standards we will take immediate actions towards our staff to ensure that standards are followed.

  • No multiple lines

    The system that we do have ensures that one caller is with one assistant from the beginning of the conversation to the end. We do not let other callers interrupt.

  • Abandons

    Operations desk will ensure that we will minimize the number of the low abandoned calls. If it exceeds our SL targets, our scheduling and management team will be shortly notified in order for action to take place so it ensures that we do exceed our SL targets for each day and each 30 minute interval throughout the day.

  • Agent Status

    The status of each agent in real time determines the rate of the inbound calls. Issues such as: Who is logged in? Who is on a call? Who is available to take calls? What is the average time between calls? Is our percentage of agents waiting sufficient to take historical call volumes? These are among the few questions which are asked when looking at real time agent state.

  • Call Times

    We do understand the importance of being low on time when it comes to calls, so you will benefit in few things. Having less costs and providing professional service is what we are all about. The internal reporting will enable us to see which agents will be having longer times when it comes to calls so efficiency will be introduced there.

Our 24-Hour Operations Desk assists to keep our staff in an accurate manner, communicate regularly with the scheduling team and managers to ensure that the staff is place appropriately when it comes to the Staffing level. These 30 Minute Interval Snapshot Reports give an overall picture of call traffic highlighting inbound calls, average speed to answer, abandons, queues, and call performance over the previous 30 minutes. These reports and custom alerts for unusual or unpredicted spikes are used to gauge any immediate adjustments in staffing.

We also understand the real gravity of working efficiently, and our Operations Desk periodically–and frequently–works to assure quality through running test calls, helping to ensure quick answer times, correct telephone etiquette, and an enthusiastic tone of voice. This periodic testing is done in addition to our standard Quality Assurance processes performed on a daily and weekly basis.

Here at Novoicemail, we work to be a productive and proficient force for handling your calls. We know that your customers are important and should be treated well. That’s why our 24-Hour Operations Desk works hard to maximize our resources, every hour, every day.


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