A Simple Solution for Better Service and Happier AgentsBeing a customer service representative can be an excellent rewarding jobs, unless during the peak seasons which can be quite difficult.

Managers of call centres are normally being used to provide excellent quality services, with less costs – this includes less staff which do result in long waits and causing a bit of a mess.

It is usually the agents who are dealing with the customer who would face the personal consequences, which their behavior would be impacted and the customer satisfaction will not be as good as they would have thought so.
Selecting top quality agents, who love doing their job is what will improve the customer satisfaction. This includes advancing the working environment together with excellent tools for agents.

Making customers feel happy should start in the beginning of every call, once the customers are put in hold they will be abandoning the call after one minute – and that is something we do not want.

Instead, contact centers should offer the option to receive a call-back, rather than wait on hold. It’s a win-win solution for both callers and companies. In fact, it reduces costs by making better use of agent resources and smoothing out spikes in call volume at peak hours.

Happy callers make for happy agents (which, in turn, make for happier callers, which make for happier agents, and on it goes). All of this leads to improved customer loyalty and a healthier bottom line for companies.