5 Companies That Are Doing This Whole Social Media Thing RightThere is no shortage of companies that want to make social media their new BFF, particularly those interested in increasing brand awareness, promoting customer loyalty and delivering outstanding service. In fact, Social Media Examiner found that 89% of marketers want to know the most effective social tactics and the best ways to engage their audience with social media. If you’re one of them, you know that the most effective way to master the social media scene is to learn from the best.


Businesses are in the minority if they don’t blog. So what are you waiting for? Start writing! Not sure where to begin? You can use Disney’s blog as an example. Disney Parks Blog is two parts entertainment one part marketing, like any great company blog should be. Content focuses on traveling tips, park attractions and an about page filled with plenty of useful information related to Disneyland and Disney World. Just remember, all content should humanize the company, address important issues, build trust, and when appropriate, promote products and services.


Things have quite literally gone to the dogs at BarkBox. This monthly goodie-box subscription for your dog stands out by its unique approach to user interaction. The company’s Facebook updates are often written from a dog’s POV. Just take a look at this recent post. We’re not suggesting your company starts talking like our four-legged pals, but if there’s something that makes your brand unique and quirky, take advantage of it. Social media need not be serious all the time, so it’s perfectly appropriate to post something that’ll make your viewer chuckle (just keep it tasteful).


Blendtec is the first company to successfully create an entertaining infomercial. In its YouTube series, “Will it Blend?” they blend everyday objects (camcorders, marbles, iPad, you name it) with their high-powered blenders to demonstrate their amazing blending capabilities. In their most recent “Will it Blend?” video, they put the iPhone 6 Plus to the test. Using YouTube in your social media marketing campaign doesn’t have to be difficult. KissMetrics suggests putting compelling content up first (to catch people’s attention) and adding more informative videos about your product and services once your channel is up and running. It’s easy to turn non-subscribers into loyal fans when you provide them with engaging content up front.


This American identity theft monitoring company starts off our list with its savvy Twitter techniques. Lifelock’s Twitter feed is filled with content that is relevant to the target audience, including financial topics and identity protection tips. LifeLock also commonly links to its blog via Twitter, showing us that what happens on social media doesn’t have to stay on social media. Using Twitter to direct users to your company’s main website is an ideal way to increase online traffic. Plus, providing meaningful answers to a community’s questions creates loyalty and helps you rank well in Google searches, says Mashable.


Chobani is currently rocking the Pinterest scene. Its comprehensive boards range from recipes featuring its products to fitness tips to kitchen decor ideas. Its large following (more than 115,000) tells us its doing something right. Add Pinterest to your social media repertoire, particularly if your company relies heavily on images to showcase products. Just don’t force the idea of having a Pinterest, especially if your company doesn’t lend itself well to hobbies and interests.

Lilia OrtizGuest Blogger: Lilia Ortiz

Lilia is a freelance writer, graphic design student and bookworm. She has three years of writing and editing experience, particularly on lifestyle, design and tech topics. She also edited Pax the Polar Bear, a children’s book on global warming.